Monday, May 18, 2009

Alternative Tokyo Rail & Subway Map

Tokyo Rail & Subway Map Via this Japan Times article, I bumped into Vollmer Design's great looking alternative Tokyo Rail & Subway map. The goal was to make the map fit better with long romaji station names, but in my opinion, certain names crossing subway lines could use an outline or dropshadow to improve the contrast. The "ei" in Seibu-Shinjuku for instance is almost unreadable in the online version. Otherwise, a very nice project.


Anonymous ansgar vollmer said...

Hello Andreas

Thank you for writing about the Rail & Subway map. I’m one of the designers who developed the map. The problem with the "ei" in Seibu-Shinjuku and other parts of the online map comes from the fact that the online map is a beta version with reduced data volume. In the print version the "ei" etc. has a white outline and is optimized for best legibility.

I'd be grateful if you could continue to promote the map and maybe ask your readers to support us by buying a copy. This would allow us to continue working on and improving the project!


August 11, 2009 10:21 AM  

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