Thursday, May 10, 2007

Godzilla vs. Sanshin

解体工事 Remember the Sanshin Building (map) I blogged about less than a year ago? Well, its final moments are ticking away at high speed...

Exactly on the same day as its much-hyped Tokyo Midtown complex was opened to the public, Mitsui Fudosan has decided to give the green light for the demolition of the Sanshin Building, one of the very few art deco buildings left in Tokyo. The official explanation is that the building isn't safe anymore and that Mitsui is doing this in the public interest. Mitsui's plans to demolish also the much more recent neighboring Hibiya Mitsui building however point in the direction of a bigger plan for the area... Oh-o, Tokyo, when will you ever learn?

For me, this "Godzilla vs. Sanshin" picture says it all. And sadly enough, this time Sanshin will lose.