Friday, December 22, 2006

Postcard Delight: part 5

Japanese postcard A long overdue update to my Postcard Delight series. This week's card depicts 掘部弥兵衛源金丸 (anybody an idea how to pronounce this?). Just as was the case with the previous card, I have no clear idea about when this one was made. Info is welcome.

Update: Some insights from the gf... Apparently, the rest of the text says 江戸留守居役 三百石 行年七十八才, which means he was a daimyō's "Edo representative," owned quite a bit of rice-producing land, and died at the age of 78. The writing on his clothes also mentions 赤穂遺臣 (akō ishin), which is a reference to the Akō vendetta.