Sunday, November 12, 2006

Postcard Delight: part 1

I love Japanese postcards, especially old ones. So, great was my delight when I found a nice set of Meiji/Taishō era cards in a garage sale close to where I live. In the next weeks I plan to post high quality scans of the few cards I've collected so far. Comments are absolutely welcome, as I don't have much background info...

Japanese postcardThe first couple of cards are all military ones, combining photographic insets with colored, embossed frames. The text on this one reads 近衛歩兵第四聨隊軍旗 (printed from right to left), which can be translated as "Banner of the 4th Infantry Brigade". Probably from late Meiji, early Taishō. Bigger versions on Flickr. I also uploaded a picture of the back side.

NB1: for the fans, a pointer to an amazing book/catalog about this topic: Art of the Japanese Postcard: The Leonard A. Lauder Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

NB2: shout-outs to Mari for the scanning help :-)