Thursday, February 16, 2006

Asoboo, Chizumado, MixFeed and Checkpad

The "web x.0" wave (or whatever you wanna call it) has also reached Japan, leading to a couple of interesting social software experiments. A couple of sites that passed the radar and are worth a look:

  • Asoboo: "Unlocking doors to people and places in your city." OK concept, but not too many users yet.
  • Chizumado: reminds me of the earlier mentioned maplog, but for some reason, this is just better (not to say different). I especially like the way how you can include the map in a blog entry.
  • MixFeed: allows you to, well, mix feeds. I know there are some similar, non-Japanese services, but none of them really works - MixFeed seems to do a better job (so far).
  • Checkpad: for people who really need to have a Japanese version of Ta-da lists. No frills, just plain to-do list creating and sharing.