Saturday, December 10, 2005

Fwd: Japanese Cinema

Godzilla-fetishists can get their fix at Barry's Temple of Godzilla, but if you're more into Akira Kurosawa maybe this Akira Kurosawa Database can be of help. You just can't get enough of female black hair drenched in blood: Snowblood Apple brings Japanese horror and SF reviews to your screen. More of a generalist, all-round kinda person, you say? Wikipedia brings relief and more external links at the bottom of the page. Too obvious? Take a look at the serious stuff - my top 3 is as follows: 1. Midnight Eye / 2. Kinema Club / 3. Bright Lights Film Journal's section on Japanese Cinema. Midnight Eye's links listing is the wet dream of many...For more info on the big movie studios, click your way to Wikipedia again. And finally, some Japanese content - it's like IMDB, but for Japanese cinema and in Japanese: enter the JMDB.